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Elon Musk has definitively eliminated Twitter. The undead platform continues to exist as X, a deformed remnant of its former self.

Goodbye, little bird.

Elon Musk, Twitter’s lunatic owner, terminated the text-based social media network on Sunday. Twitter played a huge role in society as a digital town square. This thing had been around for 17 years.

A Twitter account with the handle “X” is being maintained by a zombie. Like a White Walker, X has been twisted and mangled by its despicable master, but it still marches on.

Twitter used to be a reliable source of information, but now there’s a new service called X where online trolls may pay to have their hateful posts prioritized over those from legitimate news organizations.

On X, impersonation is possible for a monthly fee, and it’s no longer possible to verify one’s identity.

The most offensive and dishonest viewpoints are boosted while journalists are silenced and smeared on X.

When it comes to content moderation, X is a site where the rules are murky at best.

On X, the biggest and most life-altering choices are made on the spur of the moment, with little to no advance notice.

And X is a system whose fundamental features frequently break and critical infrastructure is deteriorating.

Perhaps X is a lot like Twitter. It’s possible that it will be located at the same URL that Twitter formerly used. Even nine months ago, when Musk took over and swiftly beheaded the previous leadership and drove the company into chaos and instability, the platform was not the same as it is now.

There is no longer any use for the forum. Its death was probably long overdue before it was hastily rebranded and proclaimed to the public.

Musk has essentially reinvented Twitter in his own image, much like Trump did with the Republican Party. At least Musk is changing the name of the distorted thing, so that people can start to think of Twitter independently of what Musk has done to it.

Obviously, X will be saddled with all of Twitter’s financial woes. It’s not the ubiquitous bird emblem that’s turned off advertisers and many users, but rather Musk himself. It remains to be seen how the billionaire, who now must contend with Mark Zuckerberg and Threads, manages to turn around the company.

There is little optimism that Musk can guide the ship through these treacherous waters. After all, he’s the one who piloted the spacecraft straight into them, laughing hysterically with his inner circle as he did it.

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