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National Immunization Awareness Month – August 2023

30 July 2023

National Immunization Awareness Month falls in August, presenting an excellent opportunity to prompt your patients to receive their necessary vaccines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that numerous American adults fall ill each year due to preventable diseases that vaccines can effectively combat. For patients with asthma or COPD, vaccines play a crucial role in safeguarding their health against serious illnesses like influenza and pneumonia.

In addition to focusing on routine vaccinations, August is also an ideal time to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine with your patients. Some may seek clarification and additional resources on this topic.

The CDC collaborates with various agencies, including the AARC, during National Immunization Awareness Month to raise awareness and educate patients about the significance of vaccinations. To help individuals determine which vaccines they may require, the CDC has developed a useful online tool called The Adult Vaccine Quiz.

Considering the current political climate, some patients might express hesitation about getting vaccinated. To address this concern, the CDC offers a resource that explains the importance of vaccination. It is essential for both you and your patients to be well-informed about vaccinations and to be prepared to address common questions link :

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