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Nearly half a million affected by inundation in northeast India.

Flooding has hurt almost half a million people in northeast India. This is because heavy rains turned roads into rivers and flooded whole towns.

In the state of Assam, floodwaters have affected more than 495,00 people in 22 districts, the state’s disaster management body said in a statement on Thursday.

About 14,000 people were moved to relief camps after the river Beki, which runs through Assam, flooded because of heavy rains in the area. The state government says that at least one person has died.

A video shown on local TV shows people wading through muddy water up to their necks with their animals. Their homes, shops, and cars are all under water because of the floods.

During India’s rainy season, which can last from April to September, it rains a lot and floods in the state of Assam, which is home to more than 31 million people.

Heavy rains and landslides killed at least 10 people in the state last year.

This year’s flooding happens a week after the tropical storm Biparjoy hit India’s west coast and broke trees and knocked down power lines.

At the same time, parts of northern India are stuck in a heat wave, and temperatures continue to rise in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, two of the most populated states in the country.

During the weekend, temperatures in the United States reached 47 degrees Celsius (116 degrees Fahrenheit), resulting in the deaths of dozens of individuals.

The high temperatures are expected to last into next week, so health officials have issued multiple warnings and made a plan to reduce the risks that come with health problems caused by the heat.

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