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Not So Fast! Giant African Land Snail Pest Found Again in South Florida

Right when you thought the monster African land snail danger in Florida was only ancient history, the ravenous bug has sprung up once more — this time in South Florida. The Florida Branch of Horticulture and Purchaser Administrations (FDACS) and its Division of Plant Industry (DPI) declared that a quarantine and treatment region has been laid out in unambiguous areas of Broward Province in light of recently identified monster African land snails.

Under the quarantine, it is unlawful to move a monster African land snail or a controlled article, including, however not restricted to, plants, plant parts, plants in soil, soil, yard squander, flotsam and jetsam, manure or building materials, inside, through or from the characterized quarantine region without a consistence understanding.

In June, a location of monster African land snail was affirmed in the Miramar area of Broward Province, provoking required expanded study. As treatment starts, FDACS will keep on involving a similar treatment system for this vermin which is a metaldehyde-based molluscicide (snail lure) and is endorsed for private use.

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