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Pepsi created its first condiment.

Pepsi goes great with hot dogs, but it doesn’t belong on top of the dog. But perhaps that’s starting to change.

The first condiment to contain Pepsi, “Pepsi Colachup” is being produced by the soda company. To coincide with the Fourth of July, when baseball and hot dogs are in abundance, the firm is releasing a limited-edition sauce meant to complement its drink.

Colachup, a new flavor from Pepsi, has a ball (foul)ass name but backs up its claims in the kitchen. In order to “create a revolutionary new sort of condiment enriched with the rich caramel overtones and zesty pop of Pepsi-Cola, the business teamed up with the Culinary Institute of America,” as explained by Jenny Danzi, a senior director at Pepsi.

The sauce is made with smoked tomatoes, onions, ketchup, a blend of spices (including cinnamon, thyme, oregano, and paprika), and a Pepsi reduction. According to Danzi, this process yields a crisp Pepsi with a “sweet, citrusy taste” that was designed to complement the hot dog’s spiciness.

Only four US ballparks—Chase Field in Phoenix, Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, Target Field in Minneapolis, and Comerica Park in Detroit—will sell the limited-edition sauce on Independence Day, July 4. People who are interested in participating in taste tests should seek out “sampling carts,” the firm advised.

Pepsi’s “Better with Pepsi” advertising campaign, which has been running for two years, launched the sauce as part of an effort to challenge Coca-Cola’s position as the market leader in soft drinks. The corporation has also made heavy investments in low- or no-sugar drinks, sports drinks, and collaborations, such as the one with Starbucks for bottled coffee.

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