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Philly cheesesteak chain to open 5+ stores in Maryland

Maryland, (Qnnflash) – A well-known Ohio-based eatery specializing in delectable Philly cheesesteaks has ambitious plans to establish a strong presence in Maryland, with a minimum of five new locations on the horizon. The highly anticipated debut will unfold in Owings Mills, as The Original Steaks and Hoagies prepares to open its doors for the very first time in this locale.

The grand opening celebration for this exciting venture is scheduled for the upcoming weekend, creating an air of anticipation and culinary excitement within the Owings Mills community. Nestled within the Owings Mills Square shopping center, precisely located on Owings Mills Boulevard, this new dining establishment promises to bring a flavorful twist to the area’s culinary landscape.

The strategic selection of Owings Mills as the inaugural location underscores the eatery’s commitment to introducing its distinctive offerings to a receptive audience. The choice to set up shop at this specific shopping center is notably marked by the previous presence of Jimmy John’s, a popular dining spot that formerly occupied the same space.

The unveiling of The Original Steaks and Hoagies in Maryland not only showcases the restaurant’s expansion plans but also underscores its dedication to delivering authentic Philly cheesesteaks to discerning palates. With its roots in Ohio and a reputation for crafting mouthwatering cheesesteaks, this new culinary player is poised to make its mark on the Maryland dining scene.

As the grand opening weekend approaches, the excitement builds, offering residents of Owings Mills and beyond a chance to experience the unique flavors and culinary craftsmanship that The Original Steaks and Hoagies brings to the table. The restaurant’s decision to establish its first Maryland location within the vibrant Owings Mills Square shopping center adds a new layer of dining diversity to the area, further enriching the local dining choices.

In conclusion, the Ohio-based restaurant specializing in Philly cheesesteaks, The Original Steaks and Hoagies, is gearing up to make its presence felt in Maryland by opening a series of new locations. The inaugural establishment in Owings Mills is set to debut with a grand opening celebration, promising an array of tantalizing flavors and a fresh culinary perspective. This move marks the beginning of a culinary journey that aims to satisfy palates and elevate the dining experience, bringing a touch of Ohio’s cheesesteak tradition to the vibrant Maryland dining scene.

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