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Putin is Distracting the World from his Difficulties by Threatening Ukraine with Tactical Nukes

Vladimir Putin is threatening to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, the neighbouring ally from where the Russia launched a portion of its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The world notices as the Russian president uses the phrase “nuclear,” which appears to be a primary reason why he used it.

As usual with Putin, the international community should examine the fine print and the context. The weapons that Putin intends to transfer to Belarus are not strategic nuclear weapons, which, if launched, might kill all life on Earth.

Smaller but potent, tactical nuclear weapons can be used on the battlefield. Putin has been threatening nuclear Armageddon for almost a year, particularly as his military effort in Ukraine falters.

This may help to explain Putin’s announcement’s background. Currently, he is a man with a great deal of issues. Russian forces are bombing Ukrainian cities from the air, but their ground offensive is making little progress.

Putin didn’t gain much from his summit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, with the exception of numerous new commercial agreements. Russia now appears to be China’s junior partner, if anything.

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