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Rand Paul doubts Capitol doctor provided ‘valid medical diagnosis’ of Mitch McConnell after freeze-up

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has expressed skepticism regarding the conclusions drawn by the Capitol attending physician concerning Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s recent health incident. Dr. Brian Monahan, the Capitol attending physician, confirmed in a letter that he had examined McConnell after the Senate Minority Leader experienced a public episode in Covington, Kentucky, last week.

In the letter, Dr. Monahan stated that there was no evidence of a seizure disorder or conditions such as a stroke, TIA, or Parkinson’s disease in McConnell. He further added that McConnell was medically cleared to continue his scheduled activities and that occasional lightheadedness could be expected during his concussion recovery and due to dehydration.

Senator Paul, a practicing eye doctor, spoke to reporters and questioned the explanation provided by the Capitol physician regarding McConnell’s freeze-up episode. He emphasized the importance of transparency about the health of senators.

Paul explained that stating someone has a normal EEG (electroencephalogram) does not necessarily rule out seizures. He pointed out that many people who experience short seizures have normal EEGs, and even individuals with longer seizures may have normal EEG results during an office visit, which can miss certain aspects. Paul expressed concerns about the validity of the medical diagnosis provided in this case.

While Paul did not directly comment on McConnell’s ability to lead the conference or his workload amid these health concerns, he did note that the diagnosis should be based on facts. He acknowledged that what appeared to be a 30-second unresponsive episode was not consistent with dehydration.

Other Republican senators, including Thom Tillis, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, and Kevin Cramer, voiced their support for McConnell. They expressed confidence in McConnell’s mental acuity and ability to lead despite any health challenges.

Despite McConnell’s recent episodes, his colleagues believe he remains effective in his role as Senate Minority Leader. McConnell’s apparent freeze-ups have raised concerns, especially considering his fall and concussion earlier in the year, but many senators are standing by his side.

Correction: Senator Kevin Cramer represents North Dakota, not South Dakota.

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