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Salty-tasting water turned out to be a warning sign of heart trauma for Maryland woman

Maryland, (Qnnflash) -Donnese Tyler had a busy and demanding schedule, juggling her roles as a wife, mother, and contracts management professional. She rarely found time for herself due to her commitments and a reluctance to say no to others. One October day, during a mothers’ club meeting at her son’s high school, she experienced a sudden and sharp pain in her chest, along with lightheadedness.

Initially thinking it might be acid reflux, Tyler was urged by a nurse practitioner friend to go to the hospital due to her symptoms and the fact that she had found the taste of water to be salty. Despite feeling better upon arrival at the emergency room, tests revealed a heart trauma had occurred. After further investigation, it was determined that Tyler had experienced a spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD), a rare type of heart attack that involves a tear in the artery lining rather than a blockage.

Tyler’s SCAD was attributed to hormones and stress, and she was advised to manage her stress levels. She underwent treatment and learned to prioritize her well-being. She enrolled in cardiac rehabilitation, took stress management courses, and embraced meditation and relaxation techniques. Tyler began to carve out time for herself and set boundaries on work-related activities.

Sharing her experience became a healing process for Tyler. She raised awareness about SCAD and heart health by speaking at events and participating in a charity run. Her advocacy work earned her recognition from the American Heart Association.

For Tyler, raising awareness and helping others has become a driving force in her healing journey. She hopes that by sharing her story, she can inspire and support others facing similar challenges.

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