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Seeking Justice: Anne Arundel County Man Calls for Answers in Tragic Hit-and-Run Accident

An Anne Arundel County man is devastated after his girlfriend tragically lost her life in a hit-and-run accident while riding her bike to work. Now, he is pleading for justice and appealing to potential witnesses for help in identifying the responsible driver.

Anne Arundel County Tragedy:
On July 8, at approximately 5:30 a.m., 26-year-old Adriana Suarez was riding her bicycle eastbound on Annapolis Road in Odenton when a vehicle struck her. Shockingly, the driver fled the scene, leaving Suarez lying injured on the road.

A Ray of Hope Dims:
After the accident, a passerby discovered Suarez and quickly called 911 for help. Despite her severe injuries, she showed signs of progress during her recovery. Her boyfriend, Oscar Aceros, recalled her ability to move her hands, arms, and legs and even speak at one point. However, her condition ultimately worsened, and she tragically passed away on a later date.

A Heartbreaking Loss:
Aceros and Suarez had a profound connection, having been together for more than three years and dreaming of a future together in the United States. Described as a beautiful and strong woman, Suarez’s infectious smile brought joy to all who knew her. Her untimely death has left her family and friends shattered and heartbroken.

Seeking Answers:
With little evidence left at the accident scene, the police are urging potential witnesses to come forward with any information that might help identify the vehicle and driver involved. Aceros expressed his deep anger towards the hit-and-run driver, questioning how someone could leave another person injured on the street without stopping to render aid.

A Tribute to a Beloved Soul:
As the investigation continues, Suarez’s family clings to the memories they shared with her. They find solace in the thought that she rests in peace, forever living on in their hearts and cherished memories.

The tragedy of Adriana Suarez’s untimely death has left a void in the lives of those who loved her. As her family seeks justice, they implore anyone with information to step forward and help find closure in this heart-wrenching hit-and-run accident. The memory of Adriana Suarez will endure, forever remembered for her strength, beauty, and infectious smile.

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