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State high on sealing deal with Orioles but light on specifics

State officials are expressing optimism regarding a potential long-term agreement to keep the Baltimore Orioles rooted at Camden Yards. While negotiations have faced criticism for their perceived sluggishness, the discussions are ongoing and are being held privately. Recent statements, however, did not provide new insights into the current status of negotiations or the timeline for finalizing a new deal.

A spokesperson for Governor Wes Moore (D), David Turner, stated that the administration remains committed to reaching a favorable agreement. Turner emphasized that the Orioles have been reliable community partners and that efforts are being made to secure the team’s presence at Camden Yards for many years to come. These statements were made ahead of a Maryland Stadium Authority meeting.

Although the Orioles’ regular season is moving towards its final month, the team and the state have not yet sealed a long-term agreement for the team’s tenure at Camden Yards. The Orioles have called Camden Yards their home since 1993, and negotiations are currently underway to extend their lease.

John Angelos, the team’s chair and CEO, previously promised an announcement about a new deal by Major League Baseball’s all-star break. The current season has progressed beyond the trade deadline, and fans are eagerly anticipating the potential for the Orioles to make their first playoff appearance since 2016.

Governor Moore has demonstrated a strong commitment to keeping the Orioles in Baltimore and securing a deal that benefits both the team and Maryland taxpayers, according to Turner. The intention is to attract private investment that will contribute to the broader Baltimore community and benefit the entire state of Maryland.

Details regarding the exact terms and length of the new lease have not been publicly disclosed. Governor Moore and the Maryland Stadium Authority aim to establish a lease that ensures the Orioles’ presence in Baltimore for several decades. The goal is to reach a comprehensive long-term lease agreement by December 31.

Angelos is seeking a deal that includes the redevelopment of the area surrounding the two-stadium complex in Baltimore. While media reports have suggested that the development plans are a sticking point in negotiations, sources within the administration have downplayed this narrative.

Governor Moore previously toured The Battery Atlanta, a year-round entertainment district near the Atlanta Braves’ stadium. However, concerns about the state’s budget have since arisen.

The potential for additional state funding to sweeten the deal could be met with challenges, including Senate President Bill Ferguson’s perspective that such investments should follow a commitment from long-term partners. The ongoing negotiations between the Orioles and the state will ultimately determine the team’s future at Camden Yards and its implications for the city of Baltimore.

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