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The Discontinued McDonald’s Items We Wish Would Come Back

(Qnnflash) – McDonald’s boasts a lineup of timeless fast food classics. We’ve ranked our preferred McDonald’s desserts, dollar menu options, and McFlurry flavors. However, what about those vanishing treasures from yesteryears? From the recently phased-out McCafé indulgences to the beloved Snack Wrap, here’s a glimpse at some of the McDonald’s menu items that have faded away over the past few decades.

McCafé Bakery Delights
Although these delectable McCafé Bakery treats made their debut in 2020, they’ve swiftly bid their adieu. It’s time to bid farewell to the blueberry muffin, the delightful cinnamon roll (which we certainly savored), and the apple fritter. Thankfully, the enduring presence of the chocolate chip cookie and the baked apple pie brings solace.

The Departure of Snack Wraps
While Snack Wraps continue to delight palates in various countries, they vanished from McDonald’s U.S. establishments back in 2016. If you’ve relinquished hope of your cherished menu item’s return, take heart – Burger King has heeded fans’ calls by introducing the Royal Crispy Wraps.

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