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The Golden Bachelor Cast Is Repping Big Pickleball

In July, the global audience collectively embraced ABC’s inaugural “Golden Bachelor,” Gerry Turner, with an affectionate “Awwwww.” Turner, a 72-year-old widower from Indiana, radiates a down-to-earth charm. He shares a heartwarming rapport with his daughters and granddaughters, not to mention his endearing canine companion. However, in line with the typical Bachelor narrative, the focus isn’t solely on the Bachelor himself, but rather on the intricate web of relationships woven among a sizable ensemble of women, navigating the constraints of a dating-scarce environment while cohabitating in a shared residence. The most intriguing element of “The Golden Bachelor” lies in its group of women aged 60 and above, a lineup recently unveiled exclusively by People magazine.

Diverging from the iconic “Golden Girls” archetype, the Golden Bachelor’s female cast boasts 22 vibrant participants, representing a 550 percent expansion from the original quartet. These women are embodiments of modern motherhood, characterized by their distinctive attitudes, idiosyncrasies, and a touch of cosmetic enhancement. In an accompanying promotional video, six of the contestants shared their mutual fondness for pickleball, a sport previously mentioned by Turner himself. Leading with a shared interest that’s often attributed to the boomer generation might be deemed a bold choice, considering pickleball’s widespread popularity among them. The debut of “The Golden Bachelor” is set for September 28 on ABC, and until then, the audience can become acquainted with all 22 charismatic contestants.

Sylvia, 64
Hailing from Los Angeles, this public-affairs consultant thrives on donning costumes and indulging in light weightlifting. Her relatability shines through.

Susan, 66
Originating from Pennsylvania, she serves as a wedding officiant, raising questions about whether she secured ordination for a friend’s nuptials. Resembling a Kris Jenner impersonator, her deliberate resemblance adds intrigue.

Sandra, 75
Defying her age, this Georgia retiree’s profile is a treasure trove of captivating tidbits. She finds solace in Luther Vandross’s melodies, takes pride in her high credit score, and holds an endearing affinity for all NFL teams, mirroring someone wearing a hat proclaiming “FOOTBALL.”

Renee, 67
A former Honey Bear cheerleader for the Chicago Bears, Renee candidly expresses her desire to meet Harry Styles.

Peggy, 69
A dental hygienist from Connecticut with an adorable bichon frise named Libby. Her hope is that she gets the chance to bond with Gerry over a shared love for go-karting.

Patty, 70
Evidently, the embodiment of Matt James’s motherly figure. Radiating body glitter allure, she passionately advocates its usage and passionately advocates for the embrace of individuality. Don’t cross paths with her pre-java.

Pamela, 75
Exemplifying timeless elegance, Pamela’s resemblance to a TikTok age filter’s best outcome is uncanny. Her devotion to Judge Judy is unwavering.

Natascha, 60
A New York City native, Natascha anticipates the resurgence of bell-bottoms and embraces her role as a pro-aging coach and midlife speaker, a profession that warrants deeper exploration.

Nancy, 60
Nancy aligns with the quintessential profile of a Golden Bachelor contestant. Boasting a repertoire of wedding dance moves and a penchant for rom-coms, this retired interior designer hails from Alexandria, Virginia.

Marina, 60
Standing out with her playful charisma, Marina’s intrigue is undeniable. Amusing banter with the crew and boasting three master’s degrees, her pickleball quip brings a refreshing energy.

Maria, 60
Among Maria’s distinctive traits is her longing to experience paintballing, displaying enthusiasm despite hailing from New Jersey, where paintballing encounters seem inevitable.

Leslie, 64
A fitness instructor from Minneapolis, Leslie’s aversion to mice is only surpassed by her passion for Lady Gaga and Post Malone concerts. Her vibrant persona is undeniable.

Kathy, 70
Radiating a Mary Steenburgen aura, Kathy is Christmas’s ultimate ambassador. Her festive spirit knows no bounds.

Joan, 60
As a private-school administrator, Joan exudes a commanding presence. The allure of a juicy burger is her gastronomic indulgence.

Jeanie, 65
Neon hues personify Jeanie’s vibrancy—no further explanation necessary.

Faith, 60
A living embodiment of adventure, Faith’s mountainous horseback rides evoke an American Girl doll persona, or perhaps a real-world Republican.

Ellen, 71
Flaunting platinum blonde locks, Ellen idolizes Michelle Obama and dreams of embarking on an African safari—an encapsulation of her aspiration-filled spirit.

Edith, 60
From California, Edith’s determination to evade cold climates is absolute. A backyard accessory dwelling unit embodies her current endeavor.

Christina, 73
Undoubtedly unapologetic, Christina’s trailblazing spirit surfaces in her choice of pants during the photoshoot. She navigates life with a stick shift and seeks the thrill of a dude ranch. Sierra Madre is home to this remarkable personality.

April, 65
April’s delight in discovering pennies resonates deeply. As a therapist adorned with chunky jewelry, her tattoo of the nickname “Presh” conveys her charm.

Anna, 61
A fellow New Jersey resident, Anna’s vibrant energy is exemplified in her affection for dark chocolate, especially in the form of lava cakes.

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