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The Obamas’ chef, Tafari Campbell, was known for his food and discretion

On his more seasoned Instagram account, Tafari Campbell distinguished himself as a “individual cook and beginner golf player,” which maybe was entirely to be expected in his line of business. All things considered, one of the main abilities of a cook for enlist is circumspection.

On his two IG accounts, including one made only days before he was found dead Monday after paddle boarding on Martha’s Grape plantation, there was next to zero proof that Campbell, 45, had arranged feasts for presidents, superstars and visiting heads of state in his job as a White House cook or as the individual gourmet specialist of Barack and Michelle Obama after they left 1600 Pennsylvania Road. His posts and reels were just a list of his regular advantages and interests: swimming, wellness, cooking and family. (The records as of late have been made private.)

Indeed, even the people who thought of him as a companion didn’t be aware for sure that Campbell was the individual cook for quite possibly of the most conspicuous family on the planet. Rahman “Rock” Harper, culinary specialist and organizer behind Sovereign Mother’s Broiled Chicken in Arlington, Va., had known Campbell when he worked at the White House, where he cooked for two presidents as a top assistant chef from 2007 to 2016. Campbell went out to work for the Obamas, yet Harper needed to verify that all alone.

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