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Thousands of aircraft are delayed by storms over the busy Juneteenth holiday weekend.

Hundreds of flights have been canceled and thousands of others have been delayed as millions of Americans prepare to travel for the Juneteenth holiday weekend.

According to the FAA’s website, Newark Liberty International Airport experienced a delay of more than two hours on Friday because of a ground delay program enforced by the FAA. Philadelphia International Airport implemented a 45-minute average ground delay.

In the west, thunderstorms on Friday caused another two-hour ground delay at Denver International Airport.

More than 9,000 flight delays and 579 cancellations were reported by Flight Aware on Friday in the United States. There are a lot of delays and cancellations at New York City’s three main airports, according to the website.

Saturday saw a slight decrease in disruptions, with 7,408 delays and over 350 cancellations. As of 11 a.m. ET on Sunday, over 1,600 delays had been reported across the United States.

According to the TSA, this week has seen a rise in the number of people going through airport security checks across the United States, with over 2.7 million people going through screening on Thursday alone. The figure was higher than the annual average of passengers in 2019.

On Sunday, TSA officers screened an additional 2.7 million passengers, putting them ahead of their 2019 pace.

It’s likely that the Juneteenth holiday, together with Father’s Day and pent-up travel demand, are to blame for the increase.

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