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Thousands of flights are delayed as severe weather threatens the eastern United States.

The intense summer storms that have been hitting the eastern United States have canceled more than 9,000 flights.

FlightAware reports that more than 1,600 flights were canceled and over 8,200 were delayed in the United States on Monday.

According to FlightAware, Delta Airlines had almost 400 cancellations, or 11% of its schedule, and over 1,200 delays.

In a statement, a Delta representative said, “Due to the continued bad weather that has affected our Atlanta hub, Delta teams are working hard to get things back to normal, and we apologize to our customers whose travel plans have been delayed.”

The FAA announced that due to thunderstorms, it was delaying flights to airports in the New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. areas. It foretold that flights from Florida to northern states like New York could be impacted by the storms this afternoon. Severe weather is possible on Monday for about 120 million people in the Eastern United States.

These postponements and cancellations, for which the weather may be partially to blame, have become routine in recent months. Airline and air traffic control staff shortages have resulted in delays for travelers all summer long. The FAA announced today that, due to “staffing issues” in Canada, it can only reroute so many planes from New York to the north through Canadian airspace.

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