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Threads on Meta receives a highly sought ‘following feed’

On Tuesday, Meta released an updated version of its Threads app, which included the long-awaited “following feed” feature. This change is just one of several that might help the new social platform rapidly erode Twitter’s market share.

Since Threads’ release earlier this month, the option to view a reverse chronological feed of postings from only accounts a user follows has been one of the most desired features. In response to a post on Tuesday asking for the addition, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Threads’ home screen may be double-tapped to bring up the following feed, a crucial part of the Twitter experience.

Meta has been updating Threads regularly in an effort to maintain interest in the platform. While Threads’ launch was a massive success, with over 100 million users signing up in the first week alone, user activity has since leveled off.

To capitalize on Twitter’s recent stumble, Meta released Threads as a stripped-down program without fan-favorite features like direct messages and a powerful search engine. Now, Meta’s top brass realizes they must constantly expanding the app to maintain interest.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, expressed optimism about the progress of the Threads community in a post last week. “Not only did we have unprecedented growth in the beginning, but tens of millions of users continue to return each and every day… The remainder of this year will be devoted to reinforcing fundamentals and strengthening weak areas.”

As part of the update rollout on Tuesday, the company says it has implemented automatic translation of posts into a user’s default language, the ability to view liked posts in settings, the ability for private users to batch “approve all” follow requests, and buttons to filter the activity feed by various types of interactions.

The updates followed a new set of features introduced the previous week, which allowed users to subscribe to accounts they don’t already follow and receive updates from them.

As Twitter’s anarchy persists, Meta continues to work on Threads. Elon Musk, the platform’s owner, has begun replacing the platform’s signature bird branding with “X” in an effort to create a “everything” app like China’s WeChat.

Depending on how Musk rebrands the app, he may face a new challenge from Meta. There are numerous companies, including Facebook’s parent corporation, that have trademarked the letter “X.”

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