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Tickets to watch Messi in New York City are going for exorbitant prices.

Attending the inaugural appearance of renowned soccer athlete Leo Messi in the vicinity of New York may need a financial commitment comparable to that of a meal at the esteemed Peter Luger steakhouse.

The upcoming encounter on Saturday featuring Inter Miami CF signifies Lionel Messi’s inaugural regular season appearance in Major League Soccer. The heightened interest in witnessing this event has resulted in a substantial surge in ticket prices, with an increase of approximately 1,000% compared to the typical rates observed for New York Red Bulls matches.

According to VividSeats, the average price for the upcoming game this weekend is currently estimated to be $483. The price of acquiring a ticket to the MLS team, located in Harrison, New Jersey, which is around thirty minutes distant from Manhattan, exceeds the typical cost of $46.

According to the findings obtained from a search conducted on VividSeats, it has been seen that certain seats are being offered at a substantial price of $3,600 for the front row. However, it is important to note that the purchase of these seats necessitates the acquisition of all four seats, resulting in a cumulative expenditure of around $15,000. Undoubtedly, a wide array of more affordable seating options are available, with seats priced as modestly as $345.

According to a spokeswoman from VividSeats, the anticipated presence of Messi for the New York Red Bulls has generated significant interest, making it the most sought-after ticket in over ten years. In July 2022, a friendly match featuring FC Barcelona emerged as the second most expensive game in terms of ticket prices, with each ticket amounting to almost $270.

The prices of Major League Soccer (MLS) game tickets featuring the participation of Lionel Messi have experienced a significant increase subsequent to the commencement of the 36-year-old footballer’s involvement in American competitions. Since his arrival in the United States last month, he has consistently demonstrated a high level of performance. Over the previous weekend, the individual in question provided assistance to Inter Miami in securing the Leagues Cup championship, so accomplishing the club’s inaugural triumph. The Leagues Cup is a recurring competition that takes place on a yearly basis, featuring the participation of Major League Soccer (MLS) teams from the United States and Liga MX teams from Mexico.

The forthcoming weekend poses an elevated level of strain for Messi, as Inter Miami endeavors to ascend from their current position at the bottom of the Major League Soccer (MLS) standings. This endeavor is crucial as it may enable them to secure a spot in the playoffs, given that the season is approaching its conclusion in October.

The phenomenon of “Messi mania” transcends the boundaries of the football field as well. According to Apple, there has been a significant increase in subscribers to their sports streaming package with the addition of Messi in July. According to Adidas, there has been an exceptional level of demand for Messi’s jersey, resulting in a backlog of orders that extends until October.

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