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Today, a significant transformation is coming to Subway restaurants.

Subway is implementing significant changes to its meat offerings in order to keep pace with its competitors who are seeing rapid growth.

Beginning on Wednesday, all of the chain’s roughly 20,000 locations in the United States will slice their deli meat on the premises. This will be Subway’s most significant change in the past two years, when the company began revamping its menu items, ingredients, and restaurant appearances in an effort to boost sales that had been declining and make itself an attractive target for acquisition.

The past several years have been difficult for Subway as a result of the increased level of competition in the sector as well as the consistent brand’s declining popularity among consumers. The company added customisation to its menu as part of its effort to turn around its business. This is a feature that many of the company’s competitors have made popular, and it contributed to an increase in sales of over 8% at American outlets in 2017. The fact that Subway is pushing more orders through its app has improved the company’s digital sales. Another move in that direction is providing freshly cut meat, although whether or not this will pay off is still unknown.

The majority of the meat, including turkey, pepperoni, roast beef, ham, and salami, will be sliced many times a day, and around 80 percent of retail establishments will openly exhibit the slicers that cost $6,000 near the deli counter (if there is enough room). This represents a significant departure from Subway’s former practice, in which the company sliced meat at its factory before delivering it to its locations.

Slicing cold cuts at its locations not only improves the chain’s freshness but also brings it in line with the practices of its smaller competitors, such as Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mike’s Subs, and Firehouse Subs, all of whom have been expanding their store counts in recent years. In stark contrast to this is the fast food chain Subway, which has shuttered about 7,000 sites since 2016.

At this time, Subway shops prepare their bread and cookies from scratch and slice their vegetables fresh every day. The addition of freshly sliced meat “felt like the natural step that we needed to get back to and address,” Trevor Haynes, the president for Subway’s North America operations, told.

The cheese, steak, and chicken from the rotisserie will all continue to be delivered pre-sliced.

In order to raise awareness about the alterations, Subway is introducing four new sandwiches that employ the new slicer. These new sandwiches include turkey, garlic roast beef, ham, and “The Beast,” which is comprised of pepperoni, salami, turkey, and roast beef, all served on Italian bread.

In the nearly 60 years that the firm has been in business, Subway just underwent the most comprehensive redesign that it has ever implemented. The redesign put less of a focus on personalization in favor of a “Subway Series” sandwich menu, which currently accounts for 20% of sales despite the fact that customization was still an option. The company’s digital expansion is another area that is showing promise, with sales generated through its app or through third-party services increasing in comparison to 2021.

In contrast to its competitors in the sandwich market, however, annual revenues at Subway restaurants in the United States are significantly lower on average. According to information provided by QSR Magazine, its three primary competitors earn approximately $1.0 million per site, while the typical revenue of a Subway restaurant is less than $500,000 per year.

Despite this, privately held Subway reported that it enjoyed a record-setting year in 2022, with revenues at its North American locations that had been operating for at least a year up 7.8% in comparison to 2021. Additionally, sales figures came in over 700 million dollars higher than expected, but the corporation did not disclose the exact figures.

In addition, Subway is up for sale, and according to Haynes, the chain is “on track” to make an announcement very soon, most likely in the middle of July.

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