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Toyota unveiled the Land Cruiser’s retro-inspired rebirth.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is returning to North America just three years after being pulled from sale there, and it will feature an all-new design inspired by the vehicle’s storied past. The new Land Cruiser will retain its timeless good looks while being far more affordable than its predecessor.

It reflects the growing demand for SUVs that resemble traditional pickup trucks and the move toward stronger off-road performance in new models. Ford revived the Bronco off-road SUV in 2021 in an effort to revive its flagging sales. The Toyota Land Cruiser has its own legion of devoted followers, too.

The previous generation of Land Cruiser, which was offered in the U.S. market through the 2021 model year, has been replaced with a slightly more compact new generation. It was fairly luxurious for a Toyota, with a starting price of over $80,000, and it was closely related to the Lexus LX luxury SUV. With a base price of around $55,000, the new Land Cruiser stays true to its beginnings as a rugged off-roader rather than a plush errand-runner. The spring of 2024 is projected as the release window for the product in the United States.

The Land Cruiser 1958 Edition, named after the year the model was first sold in the United States, will be available to buyers in the United States. Rather with the usual slim rectangular lights, it will have classic-looking spherical ones. In addition, only 5,000 First Edition cars will be produced with special two-tone paint and additional off-road features.

The 2024 Land Cruiser will appear like a throwback, but it will be powered by cutting-edge hybrid technology. All told, the SUV can generate up to 326 horsepower from its combination of a 2.4-liter four-cylinder gas engine and an electric motor. Toyota has promised to reveal fuel economy numbers at a later date.

Toyota has a long-standing commitment to hybrids since the company believes they play a significant role in lowering global carbon emissions, despite the company’s recent announcement of plans to sell more completely electric vehicles.

Toyota announced a near doubling of quarterly profits on the same day it debuted the Land Cruiser, thanks to higher production and sales as well as favorable foreign exchange rates.

The reveal on Tuesday occurs on what is traditionally considered to be the model’s birthday. Beginning in the early days of the Korean War, when the United States military was looking for a vehicle to complement their iconic Jeeps on the Korean peninsula, the Land Cruiser was born. For the Japanese military in World War II, Toyota produced four-wheel-drive vehicles, including massive amphibious landing craft.

Land Cruiser Heritage Museum director Kurt Williams claimed that on August 1, 1951, the first production Jeep BJ was built by the company’s engineers. Despite the car’s failure to win the military contract, Toyota kept working on the little off-roader because it recognized potential. It was rebranded as the Land Cruiser in 1955 to reflect its claimed ability to traverse any terrain.

Only one 1958 Land Cruiser was sold in the United States the first year it was available. In the early 1960s, a new model appeared with enhanced off-road performance and a higher standard of construction. According to Williams, the growth of Toyota’s dealer network in the United States was a major factor in the Series 40 Land Cruiser’s success as the best-selling Toyota model in the United States for five consecutive years. Many current U.S. motorists will recognize the iconic round headlights and “Toyota” branding on the grille.

Toyota Land Cruisers have become commonplace in many parts of the world, especially in areas with bad roads and few repair centers. Williams claims that although though bare-bones Land Cruisers may lack the technology and luxurious features that many car purchasers are accustomed to, they remain popular due to their reliability, affordability, and ability to handle difficult terrain and emergency situations.

“Some approach it from the perspective that their car is the only one that runs where they reside,” he said. “‘A mine in outback Australia or a coffee farm in South America is mine.’ Is it the car you count on to take you to and from the office each day?”

According to Brian Rabold, vice president of automotive intelligence at Hagerty, a business that keeps close tabs on rare vehicles, early Land Cruisers and other early SUVs have become quite desirable in the collector market. Toyota Land Cruisers saw some of the first and most significant price increases for SUVs. Among the first vintage SUVs to reach a value of over $100,000, he claimed, classic Land Cruisers did so between 2010 and 2015.

Despite the fact that Land Cruiser values have leveled off in the previous couple of years, a 1970 Land Cruiser outfitted with modern amenities sold for $270,000 on the auction website BringATrailer.

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