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Officials report that hundreds of Pakistanis perished in a Mediterranean migrant boat disaster.

The drowning of a trawler carrying more than 300 Pakistani nationals off the coast of Greece is the latest tragedy to highlight the refugee crisis facing the European Union as tens of thousands seek safety from conflict, persecution, and poverty.

In a statement released on Sunday, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, head of Pakistan’s Senate, expressed his condolences to the victims’ loved ones.

“Our prayers are with you, and may the departed rest in peace,” Sanjrani said. It is imperative that the heinous crime of unlawful people trafficking be addressed and condemned in light of this tragic event.

The death toll in Pakistan has not been confirmed by Greek officials.

Pakistan is experiencing its worst economic crisis in decades, and the country’s political unrest is making it more difficult for officials there to get a financial lifeline from the International Monetary Fund.

The South Asian nation of 220 million people has seen its growth slow and inflation skyrocket over the past year. Due to import difficulties, the country has experienced tragic stampedes at food distribution centres.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has declared Monday a national day of mourning for the victims of the boat disaster, whose deaths have sent shockwaves through Pakistan because of the increasing number of Pakistanis taking perilous routes to Europe in pursuit of a brighter future.

A “high-level inquiry” of the event was mandated by a tweet from him on Sunday.

I promise the people of this country that if somebody is careless with their duties, they will be held responsible. After the investigation, responsibility will be determined, and Sharif promised that “heads will roll.”

According to the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM), some 750 men, women, and children were on the overcrowded boat when it capsized last week, making the tragedy one of the deadliest in the Mediterranean Sea.

Tens of thousands of people every year take dangerous journeys to Europe to escape war, persecution, climate change, and poverty.

Johansson criticised the “smugglers” who facilitate individuals getting on the boats.

“They are not being sent to Europe; rather, they are being sent to their deaths. This is what they are doing, and we have to stop them right now,” she emphasised.

Issues brought up

Authorities in Greece have been criticised for their response to the disaster, and unsettling concerns have been raised about the attitudes of European countries towards migrants.

Tens of thousands of individuals are willing to put their lives in jeopardy every year to make the treacherous voyage to Europe in pursuit of a better life.

However, many European nations have strengthened their border controls and hostile posture towards migrants.

The Greek government disputed last week that the boat had sunk while being towed to shore by the coast guard.

Officials first stated that the coast Guard kept its distance and “had been declined” after throwing a rope to the vessel to “stabilise and check if it needed help.”

On the other hand, Tarek Aldroobi, a guy with three families aboard, told that they had witnessed Greek authorities tugging the boat with ropes, but that they had been tied in the “wrong places,” which led to the capsize.

The Greek navy tried to tow them to the shore, but the lines were fastened incorrectly, according to Aldroobi. The boat sank as a result of the Greek navy’s attempts to pull them.

Government spokesman Ilias Siakanderis told ERT that there was “no connection” between the boat sinking and the coast guard’s arrival two hours earlier due to the engine failure.

He explained to ERT that there was no correlation between the time the coast guard arrived and the time the boat sank (1:40 a.m. for the engine failure and 2:00 a.m. for the sinking).

The Greek Coast Guard has likewise stood by their actions.

“We weren’t even close to the boat when it sank. What the heck are we doing hauling it?” told Coast Guard spokesman Nikos Alexiou.

Alexiou stated that their patrol boat was near to the migrant boat in the hours before it sank, but they were only able to stabilise themselves with a tiny rope, thus they were unable to tow the fishing boat.

Unfortunately, people started moving around, the boat’s centre of gravity shifted (perhaps due to panic), and the boat sank. Alexiou explained that “as soon as we arrived, we began our rescue operation to collect those who were in the water.”

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