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Twitch is in a crucial “trust building period”: it must listen to streamers

The Hype Chat feature launched, but it’s only relevant to top streamers – which are too often the focus of the platform, many users say. UK streamers were disappointed in Twitch’s lack of support for Pride Month. A newly-launched charity tool included hate groups. And Twitch is yet to fully amend its advertising practices, with streams frequently interrupted by unskippable adverts. To top it all off, Twitch laid off 400 employees in March as part of job cuts at Amazon.

Speaking to Eurogamer at TwitchCon Paris, Twitch director of community marketing and production Mary Kish admitted the company is in a “trust building period right now”.

“We owe a lot of trust back to our community,” she said. “It’s really easy for me to say to you ‘we love the community’ and ‘community first’, but that has to be earned through actions over time. Words only go so far. I think that we are at a vital and crucial time to ensure that, over the next period of time, we are showing our actions and we are really proving that we care deeply about this community, and that we will do what we can in our power to ensure that this place is healthy, it’s safe, and it’s the best place to build a community and achieve your personal goals.”

VP of product Jeremy Forrester described the community as “generally healthy”, despite user sentiment towards Twitch often varying wildly.

“We continue to invest in trying to make sure Twitch is the best place to be a streamer and the best place to be a viewer,” he said. “Obviously, we’re investing fairly heavily in making sure we can do that in a sustainable way for the longevity of the platform so people can continue making money and hosting communities.

“Sentiment from the community always goes up and down. Sometimes it’s completely external factors, sometimes it’s stuff we did, sometimes it’s stuff streamers did. From the outside, whenever sentiment is pretty low, I think it always looks bad. But in general, the Twitch community – from a metrics perspective – I think is healthy.”

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