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Virginia school boards must adhere to Gov. Youngkin’s new policies on transgender students, AG says

Virginia, (Qnnflash) – Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin’s recently introduced model policies concerning the treatment of transgender students align harmoniously with both federal and state nondiscrimination laws, and school boards are expected to adhere to their guidance, according to a nonbinding legal analysis released on Thursday by the state’s Attorney General.

Attorney General Jason Miyares, also a member of the Republican party, emphasized in a statement that the Model Policies prioritize the dignity of all students and maintain a central focus on parental involvement. Miyares asserted the full compliance of these policies with the law, urging school boards throughout the state to endorse and implement them.

This advisory opinion from Miyares arrives amid a growing response from various school boards across Virginia to the administration’s recently established guidelines. These guidelines, finalized just last month after a comprehensive review, address a wide array of issues encompassing athletics and the use of pronouns in the classroom. They serve as a framework for local school districts to fashion their own policies, adhering to the requirements stipulated by state law. It is notable that these guidelines revise a number of accommodations for transgender students that were previously advocated for by the prior Democratic administration. Consequently, the new policies have garnered appreciation from conservative and religious groups, while simultaneously evoking criticism from Democrats and advocates of LGBTQ rights.

In the wake of these guidelines, several school boards in regions of the state leaning towards a more conservative stance have already begun to adopt policies that align with the governor’s directives. Conversely, school boards primarily situated in more liberal-leaning areas, termed blue areas, have expressed their intent to resist these policies, presenting a diverse range of responses across the state.

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