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Washington State Listeria Outbreak Linked To Milkshakes—Symptoms, Treatment And Who’s At Risk

Washington, (Qnnflash) – Health authorities in Washington state have connected a recent outbreak of listeria to milkshake machines that were inadequately cleaned and contaminated at a local restaurant. While generally not life-threatening for healthy individuals, listeria can pose a serious risk to pregnant women, seniors, and those with weakened immune systems. A report from the Washington State Health Department, released last week, revealed that the listeria outbreak in Tacoma led to the hospitalization of six people from February to July, resulting in three fatalities.

Genetic fingerprinting analysis identified the same strain of listeria in milkshakes sold at the Frugals burger restaurant in Tacoma, Washington. This specific strain was responsible for the outbreak, and no other locations have been linked to the contamination. The investigation revealed that improper cleaning of the ice cream machines led to the contamination of all milkshake flavors. Frugals, which operates multiple locations in Washington and Montana, issued a statement on their Instagram page expressing their sorrow about the outbreak and collaborating with health authorities to pinpoint and address the source of the listeria.

Despite the restaurant’s decision to discontinue the use of the machines on August 8, it’s important to note that listeria symptoms can manifest up to 70 days after exposure. As a precaution, individuals who consumed milkshakes from this specific location between May 29 and August 7 are advised to contact their healthcare providers.

Frugals also stated that while no machines at their other locations tested positive for the bacteria, they will suspend all milkshake sales temporarily. All milkshake machines will undergo testing and thorough cleaning to ensure safety.

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