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Washington’s average gas price over $1.25 more than national average

Washington state continues to contend with some of the highest gasoline prices in the nation, causing concern among residents and commuters alike.

According to data from AAA, the average cost of a gallon of regular gasoline in Washington state stood at $5.09 as of Tuesday morning. This figure is a significant $1.28 higher per gallon compared to the national average, which currently stands at $3.81 per gallon.

The Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area, in particular, has been experiencing elevated gas prices, with the average cost per gallon reaching $5.24 on Tuesday. While this is slightly cheaper than the previous week’s average, it remains a considerable burden for local drivers.

Among the areas with the highest gas prices in the state, San Juan County topped the list on Tuesday, where drivers were paying an average of $5.68 per gallon.

Here is a breakdown of average gas prices in some key Washington counties:

  • King County: $5.29 per gallon
  • Snohomish County: $5.13 per gallon
  • Pierce County: $5.09 per gallon

For those opting for mid-grade gasoline, the average price in Washington was $5.30 per gallon. Premium gasoline was even more expensive, averaging $5.51 per gallon. Meanwhile, diesel fuel averaged $5.57 per gallon on Tuesday.

The persistently high gas prices in Washington state reflect broader concerns about rising fuel costs across the country. Factors such as supply chain disruptions, geopolitical tensions, and increased demand have contributed to the surge in gasoline prices, placing financial strain on consumers and businesses alike.

As communities in Washington and across the nation grapple with the economic impact of elevated fuel costs, many are closely watching developments in the energy market and exploring strategies to mitigate the effects of these price fluctuations.

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