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What’s new with Coke’s mystery flavor? It was made by AI.

(Qnnflash) — Over the course of around eighteen months, Coca-Cola has engaged in the exploration of limited-edition beverages characterized by enigmatic flavors, often associated with abstract futuristic themes, while keeping the specific flavor profiles unknown.

The most recent model, known as the Coca-Cola Y3000, meets the specified criteria. One notable differentiation is that it is intended to possess a flavor reminiscent of what is anticipated in the future. Appropriately, the multinational beverage corporation employed artificial intelligence technology to assist in the determination of both the flavor and packaging aspects.

Maintaining customer engagement, particularly among younger demographics, is of paramount significance for Coca-Cola in order to sustain enthusiasm for its iconic flagship product, which has been in existence for over a century. In recent times, individuals who prioritize their health have exhibited a reluctance towards consuming beverages with high sugar content, posing a challenge for soda vendors in promoting their established product lines. Coca-Cola has employed its Creations platform, which is accountable for the production of exclusive tastes such as Y3000, in an effort to establish a stronger connection with the younger demographic of consumers.

Similar to other beverages in the Creations line, Coca-Cola Y3000 has been formulated to predominantly emulate the flavor profile of traditional Coca-Cola, albeit with a subtle infusion of an additional element. Coca-Cola utilized artificial intelligence (AI) in order to enhance the taste profile and package design of their product.

The corporation employed traditional human perspectives to ascertain the flavor profiles that individuals identify with the concept of the future. According to a spokeswoman, artificial intelligence (AI) was employed to assist in the determination of flavor pairings and profiles. Coca-Cola employed AI-generated pictures to develop a mood board for inspiration in designing the product’s packaging. The package has a Y2K look, featuring vibrant bubbles, a color scheme of pink and blue, and a pixelated logo. The aluminum can acknowledges its collaborative development using artificial intelligence, as indicated by the prominent mention of being “Co-Created with AI.”

The Y3000 beverage, available in both sugar-free and full-sugar options, will be introduced in the United States and Canada for a limited duration beginning on Tuesday. The pricing of this product will be equivalent to that of regular Coca-Cola.

Similar to other flavors offered by Coca-Cola’s Creations platform, Y3000 combines virtual experiences with physical events or products. Customers have the ability to utilize a QR code located on the packaging of the Y3000 product in order to access the Creations website. Upon reaching the website, customers are afforded the opportunity to engage in an interactive experience that offers a glimpse into the potential landscape of the future, namely 977 years from the present.

The launch will also feature a limited-edition capsule collection that has been designed in collaboration with the esteemed premium streetwear brand Ambush. This exclusive collection will be made accessible to consumers on the brand’s official website during the next autumn season. Coca-Cola had previously established a collaborative partnership with the renowned fashion company Highsnobiety, resulting in the creation of a collection.

Space, imagination, and pixels

Coca-Cola has introduced several limited edition tastes under the brand Creations, with its latest offering being Coca-Cola Ultimate. This particular variant was specifically targeted towards the gaming community and developed in collaboration with Riot Games, the publisher of the popular multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends.

Prior to the introduction of Ultimate, there were three preceding flavors: Starlight, which drew inspiration from celestial bodies; Dreamworld, purportedly designed to emulate the taste of dreams; and Byte, which was conceived to possess a pixelated flavor profile. Coca-Cola has established collaborations with renowned musicians Rosalía and Marshmello to produce exclusive and limited-edition taste variations.

Apart from the Marshmello beverage, which is flavored with strawberry and watermelon rather than marshmallows, Coca-Cola has refrained from disclosing the intended taste profiles of these products.

According to Oana Vlad, the senior director of global strategy at Coca-Cola, it is unlikely that we will provide a definitive answer to that issue in a direct manner. However, the flavor composition consistently consists of approximately 85 to 90% Coca-Cola. Subsequently, there is a notable occurrence of an unforeseen element, constituting approximately 10 to 15% of the overall situation.

According to CEO James Quincey’s statement at the Redburn CEO conference last year, the tastes were not intended to be established as enduring offers.

According to the speaker, these items are evidently more captivating and intriguing compared to flavored beverages such as vanilla-infused Coca-Cola. Engaging with consumers involves the process of testing the boundaries.

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