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Wildfire Smoke Returns To Maryland: Here’s When It Should Clear Out

MARYLAND, (Qnnflash) – Smoke from wildfires burning in central Canada has once again made its way to Maryland, causing hazy skies on Wednesday. The peak of the haze is expected to be between 5 to 9 p.m., according to the National Weather Service.

While no official alerts have been issued across the state, forecasters are cautioning sensitive groups, including individuals with lung or heart diseases, children, and older adults, to limit prolonged or heavy outdoor activity. Exposure to air pollutants from the wildfire smoke can lead to various health issues such as headaches, eye and sinus irritation, fatigue, difficulty breathing, chest pains, asthma attacks, throat irritation, and increased coughing.

The impact of the smoke is also affecting other areas from Detroit and Pittsburgh to Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and even New York City, causing hazy skies and potentially colorful sunrises and sunsets. Thankfully, overnight southeast winds are expected to clear the smoke out of Maryland by Thursday morning.

As for the ongoing wildfires in central and western Canada, the good news is that they are drifting farther north, allowing the smoke to disperse higher up in the atmosphere before reaching certain parts of the U.S. This is limiting most health concerns related to the smoke.

In addition to the wildfire smoke, there is a possibility of thunderstorms in Maryland on Thursday, as forecasted by the National Weather Service.

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