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WSECU Goes Above and Beyond To Support Public Service, Community and Prosperity Across Washington State

For over six decades, Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) has remained true to its core values, offering an outstanding banking experience to not only public employees but to all residents of Washington. Founded in 1957, WSECU has grown significantly and continues to expand its reach into communities across the state, with a commitment to promoting prosperity and financial well-being for all.

WSECU has come a long way since its inception, with its most recent branch opening in Tacoma, bringing the total number of branches to 24 across Washington. Their mission, originally aimed at serving public employees, has since evolved to include all Washington residents while maintaining a strong connection to public service.

Vice President of Public Relations Ann Flannigan emphasizes that their commitment to service extends far beyond banking. WSECU allocates 4% of its net income annually to give back to the community, totaling $1.2 million in 2022. These charitable contributions primarily support education and nonprofit organizations, making a meaningful impact on local communities.

At the heart of WSECU’s ethos is their dedication to their members. As a not-for-profit credit union, members are the owners, fostering a trusted and special relationship that guides their approach. Their responsiveness to members’ needs and unwavering support in their financial wellness journey distinguishes WSECU as a truly member-centric institution.

WSECU continues to evolve with the times, offering modern services like mobile banking and state-of-the-art fraud prevention support. Their pursuit of providing more to each member ensures that banking with WSECU remains a unique and exceptional experience.

Making Homeownership Accessible with WSECU

WSECU has consistently offered lending options to the community and is now taking steps to increase accessibility to homeownership. They have launched a homeownership initiative aimed at providing home lending opportunities to people of color and low-income individuals who have historically faced barriers to owning a home.

To facilitate this initiative, WSECU has appointed a director of homeownership, focused on helping marginalized communities achieve the milestone of homeownership. Additionally, they have a dedicated homeownership counselor who guides members through the lending process and continues to provide financial consulting even after homeownership is achieved, offering long-term support and peace of mind.

Recognizing the challenge of affordability in homeownership, WSECU is collaborating with community partners to conduct workshops and facilitate important conversations about affordability. Their commitment to bridging the gap between lending and affordability underscores their dedication to promoting generational wealth and homeownership as a path to building a legacy for families.

Experience Better Banking with WSECU

Flannigan summarizes WSECU’s approach by acknowledging that money is emotional, and they aim to extend that emotion to their dedicated team who assist with managing finances. With life’s complexities, WSECU is there to demystify banking and provide support, whether or not individuals are financial experts.

Banking with WSECU simplifies the complexities of managing money, offering a stress-free experience with a team that is always ready to help. Residents can visit their local WSECU branch to explore their range of products and services and discover a better way to bank.

WSECU’s enduring commitment to exceptional service, community values, and financial well-being continues to make them a trusted partner for individuals and families in Washington.

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